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Kerry Greenaway


Where intention goes energy flows.

In the spiritual world we talk about intention all the time and this is one concept that most people just don't seem to get. Every single thought, action, spell, energy work or anything else for that matter comes down to intention. This is THE most important point you have to understand.

Intention - an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions

This whole point is not just the intention that you plan but taking the necessary steps to ensure the outcome of that intention.

Lets explore this concept even further, in regards to spirituality there are lots of people who talk the talk but don't walk the walk. For example in regards to house smudging – you start with the intention to clear negative energy from your home – light a smudge stick, walk around your home waving the smudge stick and then think that's it job done but soon realise that it hasn't worked. Although the intention was there from the beginning the whole process was flawed from the beginning. Ever heard the term 'good intentions pave the road to hell' the majority of people are not honest with themselves making their intention flawed.

And you thought 'intention' work was easy! Note to self its not!

When you work with a specific intention you have to explore your motives, ask yourself why you are doing it, who benefits, what is your expected outcome – does this fit with your intention, does this serve you, so many question so many motivations so much EGO needs to be explored . This is where honesty comes in and this takes strength and understanding of self. ANY intention work should be done completely selflessly as if done for the self may come with a price.

Okay so now I've probably scared the life out of you lets go back a step and have a look at the basics of intention.

Whatever energy work you do you start with an aim, a goal. Now we all know that the universe can act like a fickle child, so first things first you need to make sure your intention is clear for example;

I wish to attract abundance into my life.

Now this is fine except look at the meaning of abundance; a very large quantity of something.

Now do you understand where I am coming from – to set this intention you need to state the form you require the abundance to take the form of – money, food, love whatever it is you need to make sure that this forms part of your intention. This is a very basic example but you get my drift.

Now earlier on I stated that any intention work shouldn't be done for the self that it should be ego free and it can come with a cost. You can do energy work for yourself but again your intention should be clear, for example;

I wish to attract an abundance of money into my life, at no cost to my current lifestyle or situation.

Your motivation for asking for this is usually driven by an external influence or a need to acquire. Usually this is not for a selfish reason, like a handbag or new shoes, it would usually be to help pay a bill or to facilitate a need that will help others. So the 'selfish' factor doesn't really come into it. Can you see the difference?

The other factor to consider is focus and concentration on your intention, there is literally no point in settling down to do energy work and then allowing your mind to wander off on what to cook for dinner or what you need to do tomorrow whilst in the middle of it. You need to have the correct mindset and commitment to your intention and this starts way before you even begin. The preparation work for any energy intention work takes planning thought and consideration. Cleansing of all your energy tools including yourself and the charging them up ready to go is key before you even begin. I can start planning an intention ritual weeks before the timing is right to actually do the work.

The intention ritual itself can be very simple it doesn't have to elaborate in anyway shape or form and can even be part of your daily affirmation or meditation time but always always start with mindful thinking in regards to your intention and you will begin to see the differences in your manifestations no matter what your aiming to achieve. 

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