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Rose Quartz Heart

Rose Quartz Heart


Rose Quartz Heart - 50mm

This is a beautiful gemmy Rose Quartz from Madagascar. Rose Quartz is known as the relationship stone and this is about all forms of relationship. Its a very underestimated crystals as its power is steady, sure and very subtle. Relating to the heart Chakra this beautiful crysal helps you to trust and show compassion, empathy and unconditional love in all areas of the heart. 

Hearts symbolize the centre of emotions of love and affection. When working with this shape we are opening our hearts to the endless possibilities of out hearts desire using the crystal energy to do so. We can use this symbol to allow compassion and empathy to flow in which ever direction you wish, from one heart to another, in healing or eve from a distance. These hearts make a lovely gift to another or to yourself. You can use them in many ways including Meditation, Healing and Crystal Grids. Be guided as to the crystal meaning as to which heart you would work best with.

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